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Get ready for a thrilling challenge in the Hardest Game Ever 2! This immensely enjoyable game of skill will test your abilities as you tackle a series of fun and frantic mini games.

What's the Hardest Game Ever 2 all about?

Hardest Game Ever 2 features 24 different mini games, divided into four skill levels. Each game presents a unique challenge that you must complete within a given time limit to progress to the next level. To unlock the next set of levels, you need to earn a star on at least three games within a difficulty ranking.

The challenges in Hardest Game Ever 2 are brilliantly bizarre, ranging from climbing stairs to the toilet as fast as you can in 'Morning Toilet Rush' to slapping a man around the face exactly 37 times in 'Slap a Lot'. While the challenges may seem simple at first, the need for speed and precision makes some levels require plenty of practice. Don't worry though, with determination, you can work through the levels fairly rapidly.

How to play

The controls in Hardest Game Ever 2 are easy to figure out. Most mini games require you to tap on-screen buttons or specific areas of the screen repeatedly. Each challenge is explained thoroughly before you start, so you'll have a good understanding of what you need to do.

One minor frustration is that to restart a level, you have to navigate back to the main menu and enter the game again. However, there is a restart option available, although it is limited to ten restarts before you'll need to pay.

Cute and colorful graphics

While Hardest Game Ever 2 doesn't boast lavish 3D graphics, its cartoon graphics are charming and funny. The game's chaotic presentation gives it a Japanese game show feel. The repetitive, up-tempo music that plays on a constant loop adds to the manic mood of the game.

The verdict

Contrary to its grandiose name, Hardest Game Ever 2 can be beaten fairly quickly with its 24 levels. However, the joy of playing these frantic mini games will keep you entertained for a long time. Get ready to test your skills and beat the clock in this addictive and enjoyable game!

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